Ten years ago, I started this blog entitled, In the Name of Love because I firmly believed that everything we do should be done out of love. Well, ten years later, I’m so excited to announce that In the Name of Love has grown to become an official non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the gospel and providing resources to help people go deeper in their spiritual journey!

With that being said, boy do I have some EXCITING news for you! It’s so exciting, I could break out into my happy dance right  now (but I don’t want to show Beyoncé up so I’ll remain calm). 

Guess what, friends?! We are launching our very first internship program, A Seat at the Table!  

Once we have a seat at the table, it’s our responsibility as leaders to make room for others at the table. Here at ITNOL, we have several seats that are ready to be filled by people with big dreams for the next generation!

The seats that need to be filled include:

  • Social Media Lover
  • Administration Guru
  • Writer + Researcher Support
  • Videographer + Photographer
  • Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

It’s YOUR turn to have a seat at the table. If you want to put your gifts and talents to the test, this is the internship for you. You’ll get to see, firsthand, how your work directly impacts the next generation! 

Are you interested? Would you want to join along with me and my ITNOL team this summer? Be sure to apply here by April 28th!

I am beyond honored to spend three months with a table full of dreamers and doers!

In love,

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

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