How to Save a Life:
Be nosey
Get involved
Pray like you mean it

At least that’s what I experienced in Fredricksburg, Virginia on Saturday afternoon. No joke, it was one of the most memorable weekends of my life. For starters, I had to put my lips on another man’s mouth and Matt totally forgave me. [Before anyone gets their bible belts out to beat me, just hang on one moment.] Secondly, I preached in a parking lot to an audience of one. There are firsts for everything, right?

The best part of the story was when a bystander saw me pull a man out of a car to perform CPR and then asks, “Do you know what you’re doing?” To which I yell, “I’M A LIFEGUARD!” Friends, I haven’t been lifeguard since in over 15 years, but in that moment I was David-Flipping-Hasselhoff! Move over Baywatch, there’s a new Hoff in town. [Yup, as in OltHOFF. Boom.]

It’s a long story, but the background to this whole weekend reminded me that when God asks us to do something, we have the opportunity to obey and be invited to great and CrAzY things. Oh you know, like SAVING SOMEONE’S LIFE. It also reminded me that we don’t have to be perfect, polished, and pretty to proclaim the simplicity of the gospel–just do it.

When I felt impressed to teach on the Good Samaritan at Lifepoint Church this past weekend, I felt like it wasn’t good enough. I felt like it wasn’t new enough. I felt like it lacked the je nais se quoi needed for a church I was visiting for the first time. [Yes, I dropped some French words to feel fancy. Don’t judge.]

But did you read that last paragraph? I, I, I. When on God’s great earth did it become me and what I wanted or what I thought would be best? I am simply a conduit of the Lord. I am simply a voice crying in the wilderness to make way for the Savior. The moment we make our life about us is the moment we confuse the messenger with the message.

If you want to watch the message from Lifepoint, Pastor Daniel and the team posted it on their website. If you want to just listen to the story, it starts around :30 minutes in.

Preach the gospel. When necessary, use words.

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