It’s no surprise that I have issues.

As a self-diagnosed OCD survivor, I can’t shower in hotel showers without sandals to protect my feet, I won’t sleep with blankets that I don’t know are washed, and I refuse to let anyone sit on my bed with their clothes on. [Remind me to tell you about the time I walk in on Matt sitting on our bed with jeans on and screamed like Freddy Kruger was about to kill me.]

But one of my pet-peeves is ingratitude. Perhaps it’s because my parents beat gratitude into me [literally, I was spanked if I threw a tantrum] or maybe because I have in inordinate irritation with spoiled children, I’m grieved when people don’t say thank you.

In light of the Thanksgiving, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for and I really felt like I needed to share not only my gratitude for God, but also for those who helped me get through a rough season. During the time I was living in CrazyTown, so many people sent emails, texts, or prayers to help me… well, stay alive.

Here’s a recap of what I posted in June:

  • Millie [aka The BEST Mom in the WORLD] is ill once again and doctors don’t have answers
  • My dearest friend has been battle an untreatable disease for over a year and she’s in pain
  • We at A21 [aka The Freedom Fighters] are daily trying to abolish slavery, find traffickers, and change laws… so there’s that
  • Matt [aka The Sexiest Beast Alive] has a sport’s injury four weeks ago and he’s been in pain ever since
  • Our owner [aka Mrs. Hannigan] sold our house and we have ten days to find a house, move out, and move into a new place
  • I have a massive deadline that I need to meet [aka The Deadline I Will Miss]

I don’t want to sound like an After School Special, but seriously, it all worked out. And I shouldn’t be shocked or surprised, but I suppose I’m living in the aftermath and it’s taken me some time to develop language of gratitude. Here’s the recap as of December 1st:

  • Millie [aka The BEST Mom in the WORLD] was declared cancer-free and is on the road to full recovery
  • We at A21 [aka The Freedom Fighters] have had one of our strongest years to date and the year isn’t even done
  • Matt [aka The Sexiest Beast Alive] is healed of his injury and not only working out again but joined a soccer team
  • We not only found a house to live in, but found a NEW house to live in and has a guest room
  • The deadline [aka The Deadline I Will Miss] was met and completed ON TIME

Again, I feel like an infomercial for prayer, but f’real: PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Don’t grow weary in doing good. God will work things out. He always does. I was reminded of this principle while teaching at a friend’s church not too long ago. [Whatup my HILLSIDE family!!!!] Based out of Joshua 4, we discover some practical tips to help us not give up on the promises of God. I’m sharing it here just in case you:

  1. Don’t believe me
  2. Don’t like me
  3. Don’t think your situation can change
  4. Don’t want to keep walking in your jourey

For those who prayed for me, my mom, a house, or that I will be delivered from my OCD, bless you. I’m still believing God is going to heal my best friend from her illness… if you could too, I would allow you stay in my guest room and even sit on the bed with your clothes. Ok, maybe not, but whatever. I’m desperate for her healing. 😉


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